Burst Cycling System eBook

Burst Cycling System eBook

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Burst Cycling System eBook

Simplify and systematize your nutrition

In this eBook:

  • Learn foundational principles of nutrition

  • Understand energy balance

  • Stay on track with a simple and effective system

  • Develop a nutritional system to last a lifetime

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This eBook is a comprehensive guide to the nutritional strategy that I myself have been using as well as one that I prescribe my clients. Inside you’ll find the research and science behind some of the most important nutritional principles and how they relate to your goals as far as weight change. If you have tried other diets and had trouble seeing benefits from them, the Burst Cycling System provides a good balance of simple, effective and organized strategies in order to be able to eat the way you want to, to be consistent with your fitness goals and your lifestyle.

Inside you’ll find the number one thing that makes a diet successful and how this program targets that key component to set you up for a favorable outcome. You’ll get a look at how a coach approaches prescribing nutrition plans to clients so you can understand the process.

This eBook provides all of the secrets that I have accumulated over the years based on personal success with myself and my clients, research backed science, and foundational principles of nutrition.

I’m really excited to bring you the Burst Cycling System and I hope you enjoy it!