More Than Meets The Eye

We've all done it before, seen someone in the gym and admired in awe, wondered how they got there and what they did. After a few days of seeing this person you finally decide you're going to ask them what they did in order to get there, so that you too, can have a physique just like theirs.  

The problem is, not everyone can obtain a physique using the same methods as someone else and you never know how that person got there. Who knows how long those people are going to live pain-free in their joints, or how functional they are. 

The person you want to look out for is the person in the gym is the person performing each set with good form and precision and you see their workouts based around compound, functional movements such as the bench press, squat and deadlift. These are the people that know something and can help you obtain that physique and if not, can help you become stronger and a more functional athlete.  

Too many times I see a young person doing joint-wrecking, non-functional exercises because that dude over there with a huge chest told them to. Then they pair their chest flyes with bicep curls, what kind of split is that? Focusing on compound, functional movements will build more muscle and keep you more balanced all while saving your joints. 

So seek out that person at your gym that you see doing compound lifts with a structured workout and performing every rep focus and form, because they know some things that will provide more benefits in the long run.  


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