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Functional Fitness Starts From The Ground Up


 You've heard your parents and other people in life tell you that in order to build something strong and sturdy, you have to build a solid base. This applies to actual structures and also businesses. More importantly for our purposes this applies to the human body. Building a strong core, and base is key in order to maximize your growth, and I can't stress this enough.

Often people begin exercising without ever facing the fact that their foundation is weak. Their core hasn't been used because they sit at a desk job all day long and then go home and sit on the couch and watch TV. All the stabilizing muscles throughout the legs and hips haven't even been a thought for a long time since all they do is walk to and from things around the house and at work. So they start exercising and lifting weights, running, etc. They find that they are shaky while lifting and their joints are sore after running. Short-term these problems might subside, but if not approached correctly they can lead to injuries in the long-term.

With all of my clients that I work with, I make sure to take the time in the beginning to develop these lagging muscles and prepare the body for the rest of their fitness journey.

The Core Muscles

trengthening the core is priority number one. The core is obviously important for maintaining a good, healthy posture and maintaining a healthy spine. Not only that but every move that we as humans do stems from the core, and if the core is weak, these other movements that we perform are going to be weak. 

And this can be seen by all of the shaking when someone with a weak core tries to perform a resistance training exercise. 

Strength Starts At The Core

As the core is getting stronger, the stabilizing muscles are being developed but they could still use a little extra attention. So in the beginning of my programs, and you can ask any of my clients, I utilize low-impact resistance training exercises to limit the stress on joints and to develop those stabilizing muscles. From their I progress my client into regular resistance training exercises using lighter weights and timed reps to cause the client to really focus on performing the movement in a slow and controlled manner. This is dual purpose; they get the feel for how the movement should properly be performed and the increased time-under-tension and the slow controlled reps causes the stabilizing muscles to really get involved. 

At first some clients don't really see the importance of it and they can get frustrated with this because they feel like it's not doing anything as chances are, you won't be sore from doing this. But later on, once we start using heavier weights and big compound movements they can tell a difference. One client of mine wasn't so sure in the beginning that I would get her to her goal of being able to step up on her horse without any assistance after having partially tore her ACL. She felt this way since the first phase of her program was developing the core and stabilizing muscles, but after about 4 weeks together, she was able step up on the horse using either leg and now is stronger than ever and one of my strongest clients! 

People are usually shocked at how weak their core is and they hate working on it in the beginning. But, they are also shocked at how well and quickly it develops and how they stop shaking on exercises and can walk better with a stronger core. So those people telling you to build a solid base before you can build something great were right, and that doesn't only apply to physical structures and businesses but in fitness and your health especially!

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Complete 12-Week Program

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Flexible Dieting Guide

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