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How this system works for weight loss, is we are taking advantage of how our bodies metabolism adjusts. The system works with a 2 weeks "on", 1 week "off" cycle. For 2 weeks, you will be eating in a calorie deficit (your lower calorie numbers) and then in the week following that 2 week cycle, you will eat in a calorie surplus (your higher calorie numbers). So yes, this means that when you calculate your calories and macros using the calculator above, you will be given two sets of numbers. An example of what this should look like has been given to you.

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There are no food limitations with this nutrition management system. Obviously, I advocate choosing wholesome, healthy food over junk food. However, I don’t think that there is one certain food group or macronutrient that is the cause of the problem, and that’s why The Burst Cycling System focuses on managing your nutrition from a scientific standpoint to create a sustainable calorie deficit. I think that giving in to cravings and allowing yourself to enjoy some of the foods you love is important for sustainably managing your nutrition, check out this article I wrote on cravings to get a better idea of how to approach this.



Now that you know how the cycle works, and that there are no food limitations, you need to calculate your macronutrients and calories. For your convenience, instead of giving you the complicated equations, I have created an Excel Spreadsheet that you can download where you can input your information and have your calories and macronutrients calculated for you.



Make sure to watch the video above, as it walks you through how to set it up and get started. And if you’re curious about more of the science and detail behind The Burst Cycling System, check out the eBook I wrote on it to learn even more!